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DBI Starting Online

Great news! The SWM Deaf Bible Institute (DBI) will soon be available online. New users will be able to register, download DBI courses, and take...

Deaf People Say, “It’s Just Like College.”

The Deaf Bible Institute is only for Deaf adults and Deaf teens. This is a systematic Bible study program that teaches sound Bible doctrine and principles. The Word of God is the only absolute authority. Man's opinions are good, but they do not change lives. Learn what the Bible says. Only the Word of God will change and transform lives. Every Christian needs to learn more about the Word of God and grow into full maturity. Study The Bible To Know What Is: Right and Wrong ● True and False ● Good and Bad -- This program will help Deaf people learn more about the Word of God conveniently at home or church. Choose Course:

Each Bible course will help you grow spiritually (1 Peter 2:2). Over 1,000 Deaf have enrolled!


Courses also available by postal mail. Write: SWM/DBI -- PO Box 889 -- Trenton, GA 30752


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