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Individual Study Program

    1. REGISTER NOW to enroll in the SWM Deaf Bible Institute Program.
    2. Choose a course.
    3. View the lesson page or download a PDF of the study booklet.
    4. Take the test. When you take the test, you will immediately see your grade. Your grade will also be sent to the DBI Supervisor at Silent Word Ministries. 
      • If your score is 70% or higher, your passing grade will be recorded at the DBI office.
      • If your score is 69% or lower, you can study again and retake the test.

Each course has 1 or more lessons. Pass all lessons in a course and SWM will send you a certificate of completion.

Hundreds of deaf people have enrolled and say, “It is just like Bible college.” Register to enroll today!


Note: You can also study the DBI free by postal mail. Groups can study together, but there is a small cost for materials. Please contact the Silent Word Ministries Home Office for more information: E-mail or 706-657-8000.

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